Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weekend Fun:

What a fantastic weekend the children had. It was so nice to see those smiling faces walking across the playground on Monday morning all with an adventure to tell.

Many of the families got together to go on group trips. Some went to Whitby, played football and cricket on the beach and then hit the arcades. They also enjoyed the tradition of English Fish and Chips. Others also went to the neighbouring seaside town of Scarborough.

Ethan and Finlay took their partners to the National Railway Museum in York. Ok Finlay, I know you just wanted to see Thomas the Tank Engine! The Castle Museum was another York favourite which some families visited. At least the Spanish children will know what it was like to live in the 1960s, (brings back fond memories for Mr Ludlow! ).

Gaby joined Daisy and took their partners to Daisies Grand Parents farm. They had a fab time exploring the farm and seeing the baby lambs, ahhh. Ollie and her partner enjoyed many opportunities riding and of course a lady has to shop!

Another trip out was to Big Fun adventure park. Many of the families joined together and enjoyed a day of fun. There were some that were even more adventurous, Connor went over to Malham Cove and joined family friends in a Youth Hostelling experience. Mai also went further afield taking her partner all the way to London for the day, ending with a visit to the show Grease.

Thank you to all the families for making the weekend such a successful one. Both the Spanish children and their English hosts will have fond memories of this experience .


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