Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Parent Messages:

Please add a message to the children in Spain.


  1. Alberto&Elena: We are pleased to see you enjoy. What a pleasure! When you return, let go us!

  2. Hello!!!I´m Julia, Olga´s sister.I´m also very happy that you are having a great time in York!!I also enjoyed a lot last year in York.Say hello to all my English frieds( Katya, Ellie, Molly, Ollie...)and lots of kisses to English partners and to the Spanish boys and girls.
    See you next week!!
    Have a lot of fun.

  3. Hola Chicos, ya vemos que lo estáis pasando genial. Somos la familia de Pablo Gonzalez, Pablo esperamos que te lo pases muy bien con tu nuevo amigo Connor y su familia,un saludo para ellos y un abrazo y 1000 besos para tí de Mamá, Albi, María y Papá.
    PD: Alvaro te espera para jugar una partida a las "Magics"

  4. Hi Alexa,

    Here your sister, Mina

    I am very happy that you have a great fun, but please write me soon....kiss mum, Mina, Ricardo

  5. Our little Celia is just lovely (well I say little....she is almost as tall as me).

    I was worried about her coming, now I will worry about her having to go home because we will miss her.

    Time is going so quickly - we cannot wait for our weekend in London.

    What a fantastic opportunity for the children - the stress and nerves are worth it (so far). I am pleased I got persuaded by Mia to take part!

  6. Hi everybody,
    It sounds so good. You make me jealous!!!!!

    Julio, is there any way for parents to come to York???? Please, think about :)
    kiss and hugs from Alexa's family

  7. Celia (Erica):
    Bueno ya vemos que no estáis todo el día llorando pensando en vuestras familias españolas. Nosotros sí que lo estamos haciendo a todas horas. Bueno, es una broma. Nos alegramos que lo estéis pasando genial, pero por favor, volved con nosotros la semana que viene. Bueno Erica, te queremos muchíííííísimo

    Besitos / kisses from mum


  8. Hola soy Gonzalo el hermano de Celia. Que has cocinado? parecen galletas, te las has comido?
    Te seguire viendo en las fotos. Muchos besos.
    bye bye.

  9. Alexa,

    I am very happy that you are having such a fun. But, please, come closer when they are taking pictures! Don't escape!
    We love you and think a lot about you. Grandpa and Mina had their birthdays, but we are waiting for your to celebrate it once you are back. Mina had lots of presents. You will like them, I am sure. Grandma went to the doctor. She will have the operation on April 6th. I will send them all your regards.

    I love you, Ale. I could not help smiling at reading your comments. Enjoy your time and learn a lot.

    Tate, Hanah and Monika

  10. I´m Javier´s uncle. I like to see that you are enjoying with James and his outstanding family. I wish you can show them some of your wonderful salads. He´s second to none as cook. ;)

  11. Hola Pablo, hola chicos, ya veo que lo estáis pasando genial. Pablo acuérdate de hacer muchas fotos para que luego nos cuentes este viaje tan bonito. Disfrutad que los días pasan rápido.
    Un beso
    PD: Tus hermanos se acuerdan todos, todos los días de tí.

  12. Hi, I'm Ethan's Dad and we have Quique staying with us. Quique seems to be having a good time with us and is a great hit with Ethan's younger sister Lydia. He is getting on really well with Ethan and I know Ethan is looking forward to visiting Spain in 2 weeks time.
    I know Quique is missing his Mum, but he will have plenty to tell her about his visit when he gets home.

  13. Cesar & James have been to football training with Haxby Town, James' club, this morning. They have had a great time although James tried to get Cesar to wear a Barcelona shirt!

    Ceasar scored a goal past James and was a great hit with the rest of team. They wanted him to play for them tomorrow in the match.

  14. Bethany, Alexa & Emma today went to Big Fun in Hull and met up with a few of the other Spanish partners and their families to play. Later on they went 10 pin bowling. Although Alexa had never played before, she came second both games!

  15. Sacha, Cameron & several other families had a great day out today in Whitby. The sun shone & we managed to play cricket on the beach before enjoying fish and chips. The amusement arcades were a big hit with Sacha!

  16. Hello, I am Maria's host dad and must express how much of a lovely experience this has been for me. I wasn't worried about Maria coming but now I am worried about her going home! She is truly like having another daughter here and I will miss her!

    Yesterday we went to a farm and saw lots of animals. One of the horses really like Maria and kept trying to kiss her. It was a good time.

  17. Hi, We are Andy & Anna, Javier's host family and we wanted to say what a fantastic student Javier has been. We have been able to keep in touch with his family via skype and he has been a pleasure to spend time with.

  18. On sunday james played football and we had one extra fan. cesar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Hola buenas tardes, somos la familia de Pablo Gonzalez, y simplemente queremos agradecer, por un lado al colegio que ha organizado este viaje que nunca olvidarán nuestros hijos, lastima que sólo sean 16 chavales, porque creo que es una experiencia que jamás olvidarán y me da un poco de pena por el resto de los compañeros y amigos de mi hijo. Y por otro lado agradecer a la familia de Connor por la acogida que le han dado a Pablo y esperamos que cuando él venga a nuestra casa se sienta igual de bien, nosotros intentaremos que también sea para él una semana inolvidable con "su familia española".
    Muchas gracias a todos y buen viaje de vuelta

  20. Buenos días, nos gustaría dar las gracias a todos: a las familias inglesas que se han portado estupendamente con nuestros hijos, en
    especial a Denise (que ha sido increíble y no tenemos palabras suficientes de agradecimiento), como al colegio que ha organizado unas actividades estupendas y claro está, a Julio y a Luz, que han estado pendientes de los niños en todo momento y nos han estado informado
    diariamente de todo.
    Animamos desde aquí a las familias inglesas a que vengan a España, es una pena que solamente hayan podido disfrutar 16 niños de esta
    experiencia tan maravillosa y que es inolvidable para ellos, sería estupendo que en los próximos años la mayoría de los niños pudiesen ir a York.
    Elena y Alberto (padres de Celia)