Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 1 On The Way To Madrid

Fond farewells were said as we climbed onto our bus ready for a great adventure. Arriving at the service station was a gob stopping opportunity! How many gob stoppers can you fit in your mouth? Well Finlay won first prize. What a fantastico (Mr Ludlow had to get Spanglish in) opportunity to fill yourself up with sweets, or in the case of Mr Evans, a large bacon roll.

Did you notice that Mr Ludlow wasn't wearing a suit? Well Bethany did, "you look so young, trendy and casual Mr Ludlow". Ok I added the young and trendy! Leaving the service station we headed onwards toward the John Lennon airport. Arriving was with great excitement and it was raining! Good old British weather! We ventured straight into a film set for a KLM advert and were quickly asked to move. Didn't they know we had Hollywood credentials? A debate took place as to whether we should venture out in the rain for the traditional sing song around the Yellow Submarine. Mr Ludlow and Miss Hoy volunteered to look after the luggage (such an honourable thing to do). After checking in we downed our drinks and hit the departure lounge. Sneaking into Burger King to use their tables may have been a temptation too far for some children. James Davidson wanted to ditch his cucumber for chips! Mr Evans shared one chip generously. Oh, and we must give a special mention to Finlay who packed his lunch in his suit case.

The plane was rather full which meant our group being split up. The children were fantasico (that's enough Spanglish Mr Ludlow). We had several compliments from fellow travellers, the children were a credit to themselves and us all. Well done Ethan who, sitting next to a stranger, taught him all about trains and planes (for two hours!!). The couple still sang his praises for being so interesting and polite. However, they did enquire as to our return flight. Only joking Ethan. The flight was as eventful as a flight goes. The children made the sound effects that I am sure are in the minds of all adult travellers, ohhh, ahhhh, errrrrrr!

Once landed and luggage collected we made our way through to the arrivals hall. There were cheers and claps ahead. Was someone famous coming? Oh yes US! The families gave hugs and kisses to the children and whisked their smiling faces into the sunset. The children were great and we look forward to seeing them in the morning.

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  1. Ethan only talked at his captive audience for two hours, heaven help anyone he sits next to for a longer trip as he has some excellent theories on the construction and operation of vehicle airbags - as I can attest to following a rather long 4 hour journey to Wales !! You got to love him. We really like that traditional song and I am sure the RWS drama group would have made a far better job of the KLM advert compared to the overpaid equity card carrying "drama kings and queens". Have a fantastico time over there all of you.