Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trip to the Royal Palace: Thursday

It was great to see the children today, especially Cameron who had problems with his ears the night before. The children all spoke positively about their host families. The day started with a welcome assembly, all the staff were introduced as were the children and staff from the UK. OK Mr Evans did get a round of applause for uttering two Spanish words. Well that's his repertoire used up! The children had a tour of the school before gathering for our visit to the Royal Palace.

If you didn't know, Prince Charles and Camilla are staying in Madrid as part of an official visit, so today was our only opportunity (to think Mr Ludlow thought the red carpet was for him). The days adventure started with a ride on the underground train. Arriving at the Palace we were met by a tour guide who took us around, clocks, paintings, frescos, tapestries and lots of information about old stuff. Well done Mrs Leigh for making the positive responses! Sí, Sí and all that!

After many photos in the glorious sunshine (needed to get that one in) we made our way out of the Palace precincts. The children were fascinated with the street entertainers, the invisible man, human statues and musicians. The one that caught their eye was the man in the box! Well you will have to see the photo to get an idea. I just hope the children don't see this as a future career opportunity. The sun shone and life felt good, well until we found out they had closed our tube line for two hours. A long diversion ensued, arriving back at school some time later with a tired bunch of children. But it was worth it. Lunch was an experience for most of the children, cannelloni and fish! The afternoon was spent in classes. The children did look exhausted. We gave them a little pep talk to encourage some good sleep (fingers crossed). A busy, hectic first day. One to remember!


from left to right: Mrs Leigh, Mr Ludlow, Mr Evans, Miss Hoy

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