Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Farewell Messages

Finlay: hi carlos i am already missing you lots i cant wait to see you in 1 week.See ya P.S.I am gonna get a sandwich with bacon. Connor:hi pablo i am missing you lots cant wait to see you next week cant believe you beat me at bowling your engilish is very good so its a good job my spanish is alright but itll never be as good as your engilish P.S i am gonna get a cheese sandwich the bacon is the KEY? Bethany:Hola!I am missing you already looking forward to coming to spain.I hope we can play bowling(eventhough i will lose,oh well.)Is your sister looking forward to seeing ME!!Because i am looking forward to meeting her!See you soon !Adios!!!! Molly:Hola!How are you doing? I am missing you already however i can not wait untill I come to Spain and meet Luna and the rest of your family.When I come over to stay at your house I will bring just dance because I know you loved it!! I hope you enjoyed staying at my house and I bet your not missing the cold weather!Adios see you later!!Bye Erica Miss you! Ollie: Hola. Are you ok? Missing you already. I bet you are missing Franiky !! Hope your mum likes the tea. Don't forget to tell all your friends that you jumped on Belle (the pony). The Ducks, poneys, cat and dogs are missing you ; so am I!!! Come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss you lots and lots and lots and lots!!!!!! Adios see you later!!! bye Angela!!! Miss you ps: mis you James D:Hi cesar,I am missing you alreadyand I hope you had a nice trip.Hope you enjoyed your stay with me.Cant wait to see you in MADRID!!ADIOS see you in madrid p.s.England fottball team are still better than spain haha :]:]bye

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  1. A'lexa:
    Hola! I am missing you lots and hope you had a safe journey back :)
    Can't wait to visit you in Madrid in 8 days.
    Adios Bethany xxx :)