Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Children's Messages: Day 1

Hi from all of us in Spain. Please read some of the thoughts from our children.

Olga: I'm very happy with my family and the school, the food is fantastic, and the school is very big. My partner has told me the activities we are going to do and there are very fun.

Celia: Hi here the weather is very cold, but I'm having lots of fun. Today we are going to a waterworld.

Maria:hi i am very happy here in york .the food is very delicious and my family is very happy.

Pablo: yesterday the journey was very very long but now we are in school. The school is very big

AngelA we are verry happy here in York! We don't miss you !!:) (Well a little bit!!) ADIOS!!
Bea:hello I met the family and Daisy.They are all very nice!besos

Quique: I like very much York and Ethan's family is very nice. I miss you a little bit but I'm good.

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