Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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  1. Hi guys!

    Glad to hear that you got to Madrid safely. It sounds like you had a fun filled morning eating gob stoppers and getting searched, all before touching down on Spanish soil!

    Have a fantastic first day with your family and school, look forward to hearing lots of exciting news!


    Mrs williamson x

  2. Hi Molly it's your mum (don't know why I'm called Stepping but I can't change it??!!),

    Glad you're having a great time (and that you haven't lost anything yet!!!) Lucy has been looking under your bed for you and I have to do all my own jobs on a morning:(
    We are all missing you but are so glad you're enjoying it.

    Love to my other daughter Bethany too (hope you're not too loud for the Spanish!!)

    Lots of love,

    Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Ps........ Molly-Just watched the videos and Mrs Parkins is gonna get you for the scouse accent!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Hola Mia

    So pleased to hear you are already having a great time! It must have been really exciting going to school today. Lets hope you enjoy your lentils!

    Mama says the whole of Matlock are following the blog (gives the Grannies something to follow).

    Have lots of fun. Can’t wait to hear how today went. And remember – hable español no inglés!

    Love you lots
    muchos besos

    Mum xxx

  5. Hola Daisy
    Glad to hear you all arrived safely and had some fun on the way!
    I hear from Mrs Lobb that you are at the Palace today can't wait to hear all about it later on. I dont know yesterday extras in a film and today partying with the royals! (well you would have been had your visit been tomorrow)
    Dad says hurry back soon he needs a cup of tea!
    Have fun
    love you lots
    Mum & Dad

  6. Hiya Gabby,
    We loved the clip of you all singing "Yellow Submarine", very tuneful! Glad to hear that you got there safely and have having a good time.
    Missing you (smiley is too), love you loads,
    Mum xxx.

  7. Hi Thomas,

    Looking at the pictures - it looks like you're enjoying yourself and it's good to see you doing fun things!

    Hope you're finally getting to enjoy all the traditional Spanish foods that you were looking forward to trying!

    It has been really windy (weather wise) here today and the trampoline is now upside-down in the garden - another job for Daddy to sort out!

    Carry on having lots of fun times and create some special memories to bring home and share with us!

    Love you x x x Mummy, Daddy, Sam, Ed, Jelly & the gang!

  8. Hi Bethany

    Loved the videos especially the "Liverpooool" accent and singing! You look like you are having a great time in Madrid. Emms is missing you but loving being able to go into your room without getting told to get out!

    The palace looked beautiful and I hope you took lots of photos.

    Give our love to Alexa and keep having fun!

    Lots of love

    Mum, Dad & Emma xxxxxx

  9. Helloo Dizz:D
    Hows spain then!?
    Hope your having a great time, and beas okaay!
    Im looking after your fish, but I am NOT talking to them...
    Izzy is missing you and horace so much, she came into my bed last night! Its sooooo windy here, on the school field everyone wasfalling over:O
    Miss youuuuuu, love Moo <3<3

  10. hi sissy how are you liking the food?
    hope you are having a great time and are enjoing the weather while its hot.Dont get to use to it because we want you back here. How is Mina? Does she want to be pen pals with me?

    Have a ball with Alexa and her family

    Loads of love Emma (your loving sister)(lol!!!)

  11. Hey Gabby I hope you're having a fantastic time in Spain! I wish I was there! Make sure to have lots of fun in the warm weather and sun.

    Tell Maria I said hi and her family too!

  12. Hi James, looks like you are all having a great time! We're all very jealous about the weather - it has been raining and windy today here!I would like to say Ben is missing you but actually he's been playing in your room!!
    Keep having a super time
    Mum and Dad

  13. hiya bethany, so glad u got there safely and that u are having a great time. its so quiet without u and we are all missing u. bet u pleased you having good weather?? its awful here at the moment its been very windy today. Charlie missing u he keeps crawling to your room and looking for you. hope them crisps didnt explode in ya suitcase. anyway love u loads and enjoy the rest of your stay at doris house xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Hi Ethan, it was brilliant to talk and see you on MSN, you look like you are having a very exciting time. Remember to say thank you to Cristina for allowing you to use the computer. We are all looking forward to hearing about more of the things you have been doing.
    Keep following Rule Number One...Have Fun.
    Lots of love, Dad, Mum, Lydia and Stripes the cat xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. bethany hall auntie laura says hi shes just going to work

  16. Hi Cameron

    Well its looks like your having a fantastic time, I wish I was there enjoying the sunshine!
    & you even enjoyed the school dinners!!
    Enjoy the rest of your trip....can't wait to hear all about it.
    Finbobs & Lewis missing you...but just enjoy the peace & quiet!!
    love you loads
    mum, dad, lewis & finbobs x

  17. Hola Mia

    I hear the sun is out again today (no sign of it here). The Palace looks beautiful and you must tell the teachers they didn’t half scrub up well for the visit.

    Elena tells me you are going to the park in the centre of Madrid this evening, which has a lake. So much nicer than cycling around the block!

    Midi is fine (not that you have enquired) and yes I have remembered to feed her.

    Have a fantastico weekend. Speak to you soon.

    Love you lots.

    Muchos besos
    Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Ps………you ARE coming back right?!!

  18. Hola Ethan
    We are missing you too, but are just so excited to read about what you have been doing, and seeing the pictures of you and your friends is brilliant. It was lovely chatting to you using the webcam. You must be having a good time as it seems you never stop smiling. Say hi to everyone from us, particularly Nat and Mr Topman Thomas.
    Look forward to speaking to you soon.
    Love from Mum, Dad, Lydia and Stripes

  19. Hola Molly!!,

    It was lovely to talk to you today (I'm glad you haven't completely forgotten about us!!) and can't believe you haven't spent any money or lost anything yet!!! (are you sure you're feeling ok???) Hope you have a lovely weekend, I will miss you!! (but not sure dad and Tyler will as they're off to Leeds as usual!!)

    Keep smiling gorgeous girl, Love ya!!

    mummy (ps you would be very proud of me I haven't cried since the day you left... but I might on Sunday!!!!) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. Hola Bethany!! Hope you having a great weekend. Hope you enjoyed the rowing yesterday too. Sounds like alot of fun. Make the most of the lovely sun. Tho the weathers not been to bad today. It's been very quiet today as jacks gone to Stoke with Simon and a few others to watch Chelsea v Stoke. So just been me and Charlie all day!! Thinks he's missing you too much. No nanny B to entertain him. Anyway enjoy rest of your stay and can't wait for you to come home. Say hi to molly for me.

    Lots of love mum, jack and Charlie xxxx

  21. Hi Bethany,

    Great to speak to you again tonight and you sound like you are having such a good time. We are missing you but love knowing you are having fun. Enjoy the zoo tomorrow, Emma is making me breakfast in bed and she's decided you should make it next week for me - I'm not complaining!!!

    Say hi to Alexa and her family

    Love you loads,
    Mum, Dad & Emma xxxxxx

  22. Hello Finlay, Sounds like your having a fab time, going to the park and the fair and then the zoo tomorrow. We miss you lots, but know that you are happy with Carlos and his family. Have fun, love

    Mum, Dad and Becksy xxx

  23. Hi Cam missing you sounds like you enjoyed the theme park. Hope you like the zoo.
    I love watching as much football as I can while your away!!!! Love From Lewis

  24. Hi James
    I miss you and I hope you are having a great time! Love Ben xxx

  25. Hi Miss Hoy
    Are you having fun? I miss you and I'm looking forward to seeing you this week.

    Love from Ben D

  26. Hi Molls,

    Glad youre having a good time. Can't wait for you to come home tomorrow- but only so you can give me my present and take your turn taking the dog for a walk (youve got a weeks worth of walks to catch up on!)

    See you tom,

    Ty xxxxx

  27. Hi Finlay, I know your probably sad as it is your last day, but we are so looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Your mothers day card was lovely, thankyou. I like your bag, I seen it in a picture. You will have memories to last a life time, and were glad you had a chance to do it. See you tomorrow honey, love you lots like jelly tots. Mum and Dad and Becks xxx

  28. Hola Daisy
    It looks like you had a good day shopping, thats my girl!
    I'm sure you'll be sad to be leaving Bea and her family but I can't wait to have you home I've missed you so much. I've even baked you a chocolate cake!
    Dont forget to thank Bea s family for having you and the teachers for making this fantastic opportunity possible.
    Take care Boo Boo
    See you soon
    Lots of love mummy

  29. Hola!

    Me gustaría decir un gran agradecimiento a Elena y Alberto para dar Mia un maravilloso viaje en Madrid. Ella ha tenido el mejor tiempo y ha tenido la suerte de estar con una familia encantadora. Todos esperamos que Celia y Mia se mantendrá en contacto, e incluso puede llegar a pasar tiempo juntos este verano!

    También un gran agradecimiento a todo el personal involucrado en las dos escuelas. Ha sido una experiencia fantástica, tanto para los niños y los padres! Realmente espero que las escuelas continúan con el intercambio y que muchos más niños tomarán parte - no es definitivamente una oportunidad se puede perder.

    Gracias de nuevo!

    Denise (Mia's Mum)