Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday: Farewell

Bags stacked in the corner and ready to go, wow what a week! The children have really enjoyed their stay here and will take many happy memories back to the UK (and a few gifts!). So many exciting moments. The trip to the Royal Palace was amazing (following in the footsteps of Charles). On the Friday morning the children enjoyed sporting challenges followed in the afternoon by an amazing show, Grease, put on by the Spanish children in honour of our visit. It was so good on Monday to hear of the weekend activities, some went to the theme park, zoo and boating on the lake in the main park. The shopping on Monday morning was also one of the highlights. Well you can´t bring money home can you?

This has been an amazing group of children. Well done to them all and thank you to the staff at Asunción Rincón and Robert Wilkinson Primary.

All set to go! We shall be leaving school at 2pm, check-in opens at 14.55, flight at 16.55
FLIGHT: 7104

We will activate the phone chain on arrival and then 15 minutes before arriving at school.

Adios, RICARDO (formally known as Mr Ludlow)

End of a busy week!!!

Whoops! Some children are going to find it hard to say good bye. Just remember children you can keep in touch with your new friends.

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