Monday, April 4, 2011

Mondaÿ: Pupil Messages - The Last Day In School

Bethany:Hola!!!today we went to the centre of Madrid and spent the rest of our money!!!!Its soo warm.I miss Charlie, grandma, grandad, mum, Jack and my second mum...VICKY!!!!!! Miss you all luv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Molly Fenwick:Hola! Today we all went to Madrid and spent the last of our money (I still have €6 left. I got some amazing prezzies! I can´t wait to see you all again and miss (Mum, Dad, Tyler, Lucy, Ellie, Lauren, Olivia, Ellenor and Abigail) see you soon lots of love Mollyxxx.

Beth H: ¡Hola! Today we went into Madrid to do some shopping :) All my gifts are amazing and I can´t wait to see you all again on Wednesday :) Miss you all xxx

Beth xxx

Mia : Hola. today we went shopping and I spent all my money on presents for everyone. I miss all of you including mum, Middy, dad and yes you Liddy. Hope you all dont miss me to much as I am coming home tomorrow. The zoo was amazing dont worry I took lots pics. I loved my weekend.

See you tomorrow love Mia :)


I miss you so much.

Bad news the plane that we are flying on has crashed so we cant come back and have to stay here in the hot, beautiful weather. Not really (well I wish so). Over the week I have gone rowing, went climing in the mountains and went to the zoo.

Miss and love you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

James:Hola Ben - never knew you could type:) Over the weekend we went rowing and to the amusement park and the ZOO. Missing you all and Ben better start tidying my room cause I'm not!

See you soon

Finlay: Hola I am missing you all cant wait to come home even though I want to stay here . Over the weekend we went to the zoo and the amusment park. Very exited Ive got u all something and I will tell you now. I bought a bag that was 16pound fifty pence it is really nice, better than Connors and Camarons.

See you soon (well tomorrow) bye

Connor: Hola que tal? Bien si I am though as yesterday i went karting and the day before I went to an amusment park and went on a rollercoaster that went upside down and I wasn´t screaming at all. p.s not missing u at all jokes!!

See u tommoz

Ethan: Hola everyone, at the weekend me, Kike, Hami and some other friends went go karting on Saturday and to the zoo on Sunday. I have enjoyed my stay although I am looking forward to coming home.

Lots of love Ethan.s.

PS: dont forget the champagne!

Ollie: Hello ! It is the birthday girl! I am having fun and only wish i could come home so I can see my animals! I have got my slave sorry I mean Mr. Ludlow to carry all my bags and he said my present would be him to be my slave for the day! I am thinking what name i should call him! Anyway I had a great time at the weekend. We went to the centre of Madrid on Saturday and on Sunday we went to the Zoo. I saw Anrara. Not missing you. Hope it is Raining a lot. But tomorow I hope it will be sunny!!
Love you lots
Ollie x

Natalie: Hola hello i am missing you lots. I have all my presents bought and we went to the zoo on Sunday and on Saturday I went to Olgas and Julias competition and guess what place they got ..........second place! wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Miss you an see you on Tuesday or on Wednesday

Natalie xxxxxx

Gabrielle: Hi, we went to the center of Madrid ( the old centre.) and bought lots and lots and lots and lotssss of things. I spent all my money. 40 euros to 0 euros. I went to the zoo yesterday and we wacthed a dolphin show. It was very good and a little girl got to be in the show. On Monday (today) we are going to have a banquet of food!!! YUM YUM.
See you to tom- errr... the plane was highjack so im not coming back on April the 28TH. Just kidding.
See you tomorrow.
Ta tar for now,
Gabrielle or Gabby. :) xxxx

Hi everyone missing you a small bit, but I`ve had the best time ever!!!!!!! On the first day I went
to an awesome amusment park with loads of fun rides. Also on Sunday we went to a zoo with loads of smelly animals. But today I spent all my money on really good things.

see you soon CAM

Thomas :

Hi everyone! Yesterday we went to the zoo and there were lots of different animals but my favourite was a gigantic shark also, at the zoo, I went in an inflatable ball that rolled on top of water.

missing you loads see you tommorow!

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