Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday: Children´s Messages

Ollie: Hiya are u ok? Not missing you at all!!!! Well mabye a bit! Happy April Fools and I hope you are having a great time in the rain !! In Spain its SUN, SUN, SUN and more SUN!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I will stay in Spain!! Is the Duck ok? How many eggs has Beth laid?? Is Rosie Frankie and Sanger ok? Is Belle and Foxy ok? Has Mittens Come back Jet? Love you Lots Ps: hope it is raining a lot and more. love you Olllie

Cameron: Not really missing you and we are trying to make the most of the hot weather before we get back see you soon . CAM

Ethan: I am missing you lots, the weather is great, all you get is SUN SUN and more SUN but I am looking foward to coming home. Lots of love Ethan.

Natalie:I am missing you and the class lots. I am not used to the hot weather and I cant wait to come back. We have been to the palace and a room full of armour and there are childerns armour too. I am looking forward to coming home. Lots of love Natalie Connor: I am looking forward to coming ome sun is shining like mad see you soon :):):):)

James:Yesterday we all went to the palace and i touched every vase i could.
I am sorry to say that i am staying here with cesar.His mum and dad are going to foster me.APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!:):):):):)I'm sorry about your weather as it is all rainy.I hope Ben has not been in my room.
Bye Bye or in spanish ADIOS!!!!!!!!:):):):)

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  1. Hi

    Hope all is good in Madrid, sounds like you are enjoying the sunshine!! 2w are enjoying reading your blog, sam says hi to his big brother Thomas!! We hope mr Ludlow is putting his suncream on!! :-)

    Have a nice weekend with families, I wonder if any of you will be lucky enough to see Real Madrid play!

    Mrs w and all in 2w